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Girls’ Generation sings the HaHaHa song

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Girls' Generation have been chosen after Kim Yuna and Dong Bang Shin Ki to sing the Ha Ha Ha song. Samsung is promoting their Ha Ha Ha Campaign 2009 on April 14th. The Ha Ha Ha Campaign is an online cultural encouragement campaign in Korea to spread hope and cheerfulness. It started last December with the Ha Ha Ha Campaign 2009 and had over a million visitors to their site.

With Girls' Generation chosen as the new model, they plan to create a new style that fits them with a new Ha Ha Ha song, dance as well as a ring tone. They composed a new song for this campaign which was released this afternoon on the 14th on their official website where you can listen to and download the songs, ring tones, and videos.

All I can say is Ha Ha Ha song? Really? Only Korea.


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They did well ,love them!!

Agree with u there!!

Hop that they can improve even more

They suit this cf very much

Dunno when will they release their new album???haiz...

Hopefully they will release their album very soon...Thanks for ur comments anyway!!

really love these girls
ha ha ha

hope more

I really enjoy this song....
SNSD Is The Best 4ever.....:D

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