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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hi,dear visitors...
Start from today, this blog will not post anything again about SNSD/Girls' Generation
Instead, you can go to for more SNSD News, Pics, Audio and Video...

Thank You.

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091012.SNSD.News.Shining SNSD, Lovely Poses, '2009 Dream Concert'

Monday, October 12, 2009

The 15th '2009 Dream Concert' opened on October 10th at 6:30pm
at Seoul Mapogu SangAm, Seoul World Cup stadium.

The concert was hosted by Super Junior's Kim HeeChul, Song JiHyo and MC Mong.
A surprising 17 teams gathered that day, including: Girls' Generation, Super Junior, Big Bang,
2PM, SHINee, Jewellery, 2NE1, 4Minute, Kara, T-ara, f(x), 2AM,
ChaeYeon, WheeSung, Park HyoShin and Kim TaeWoo.

At the concert, Super Junior M (HanKyung, SiWon, RyuWook, Kyoohuyn, DongHae, Henry, Jomee)
exposed 'Super Girl' for the first time. After Super Junior M released 'Super Girl' it took 1st place on Taiwanese charts.
Due to popular demand they especially prepared a Korean version for Korean fans.

Korea's ballad kings Park Hyoshin and WheeSung sang Michael Jackson's 'Heal the World,'
Kim TaeWoo sang his increasingly popular 'Love Rain' (Sarang Bi) and
MC Mong with his new repackaged album performed 'Love U Oh Thank U' and 'So Fresh.'

2PM performed for the first time as a whole 6 member member group
after 2PM Jaebum's disqualification from the group.
The recording of 2PM is to be edited out and will not be broadcasted.

The '2009 Dream Concert' is to air on Sunday 11th of October at 3:30 pm (Seoul time) on SBS.

Translation: Just Love~! @ s9
Source: Newsen
Written By: Ji HyungJoon @ Newsen

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091009.SNSD.CF.Video Download.SNSD NEW SINGLE Chocolate Love

Friday, October 9, 2009

Finally Chocolate Love Preview has come out!!

DOWNLOAD 15s Version : MF

DOWNLOAD 30s Version : MF

Yeayyy...great song from them,,so catchy
They wear Nice n Sexy outfit..:)

You can download the full song on the previous post

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091005.SNSD.News.NEW SINGLE. - Audio Download.Chocolate Love Digital Single

The digital single "Chocolate Love" performed by SNSD and f(x)
is to be released on the 8th of October in music portal sites such as Melon, Dosirak, and Cyworld.

"Chocolate Love" is produced by the famous Bloodshy & Avant,
who was also the producer for BoA's USA debut album.
The lyrics to the song reflects the sweet taste of falling in love.

"Chocolate Love" will promote LG's new chocolate phone with two versions;
SNSD and f(x). The two groups' contrasting style will be something to anticipate.

The project involves two different versions, with SNSD singing the "Retro Pop"
version which has a charismatic and vintage style,
while f(x) steers in a more trendy and electronic sound.
But not only are there two versions of the song but there
will also be two different music videos with a girly feel from SNSD and a powerful feel from f(x).
f(x)'s version will feature Amber's rapping; arranged by hit-composers Yoo Young Jin and Yoo Han Jin.

Also on the 15th, SNSD and f(x) will be battling it out
in an offline showcase to show whose love is better,
with the music video being released online on the same day.

Translation: Just Love~! @ Soshified
Source: Osen
Image Credit: SM Entertainment
Here the link for download their new single
What do you think about their new single??
Please leave your comments..:)
DOWNLOAD SNSD-Chocolate Love Single : MF

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091006.SNSD.Video Download.LG Mobile Worldcup 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Download Yoona : UU

Download Sunny: UU

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091003.SNSD.Video.Idol Big Show-Practice Room,Into The New World, The Boogie That Be+Break Away,Gee

Monday, October 5, 2009

How to download Click Here

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091004.SNSD.News.SNSD performs debut song "Into The New World" again after 2 years, "It's still fascinating"

Sunday, October 4, 2009

So Nyuh Shi Dae performed their debut song "Into The New World" again after 2 years.

SNSD (Yoona, Jessica, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny, Seohyun) appeared on the SBS Chuseok Special "Idol Big Show" on the 3rd of October and showed off the top aspects of a girl group.

SNSD's choreography practice time before the performance was revealed. The members brought the moment when they debuted 2 years ago to mind, and reminisced about it. For them, "Into The New World" is a precious song that has made SNSD what it is today.

They showed themselves being somewhat confused in the practice room but on stage, SNSD were, as expected, pros. They revealed a stronger and composed "Into The New World" performance.

Additionally, So Nyuh Shi Dae chose 4minute's "Muzik" as the song from other idols that they want the most. And SNSD's Sooyoung, Hyoyeon and Yuri showed us sexy hip-hop performances to "The Boogie That Be" and "Break Away".

Source: Newsen
Written by Lee Unhyuk
Translated by Xeth@soshified
Edited by cedge@soshified

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091002.SNSD.CF.Wallpaper.LG - CYON 1920x1200

Friday, October 2, 2009

SNSD High Definition Wallpapers LG CYON....Change Your Wallpaper Today !!...:D

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091002.SNSD,CF.Yoona - Innisfree Wallpaper 1920x1200 px

High Definition Wallpapers!! Change your wallpaper today with Yoona wallies...:D

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090929.SNSD.CF.Video Download.The New Chocolate Phone by LG-CYON

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SNSD New CF again!! Now, LG-CYON Chocolate Phone

Credit: sosiz + soshified


Credits: Pradaphonebylg | Soshified

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090926.SNSD.CF.Video Download.Yoona Innisfree | 15S & 30S

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Download :

Credit : Snsd China

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090926.SNSD.News.SNSD Chosen as CF Models of SamYang Ramyun! "We are SamYang Ramyun Friends"

[The Times] The national girl group SNSD (from SM Entertainment) has been chosen to be the new face of SamYang Ramyun.

The marketing team leader, Seo Jinwoo, of SamYang Foods said, "For the new advertisements in 2009, we chose SNSD as the new models because they were pure and lively, so that they can seem like everybody's friend, rather than having them just to target the teens and 20-somethings." He also explained the reason for casting them by saying, "Not only did SNSD particularly have a gorgeous image on a variety of programs, but their exciting image and the way they communicate by just looking at each other shows the sincerity of their friendships. This went well with the SamYang Ramyun's concept."

SamYang Ramyun is filming their CF this time with the concept, "Friendly Ramyun, Samyang Ramyun," with the SNSD members showing that SamYang Ramyun can fill their boredom by dancing happily to the "SimmerSimmer" song.

More importantly, SNSD sings the song "SimmerSimmer" in the CF, making the lyrics for CM song easy and fun for people to follow along. While they sing, they will boil the ramyun and do eating actions to the song. SNSD's dance is expected to capture the viewers' attentions through their cute and lively charisma.

There is talk that SNSD spent an entire day filming while not showing a hint of being tired, and livening up the mood in the set with their bright and cheerful image from start to finish. It wasn't until a little later than 4 in the morning that trial shoots begun, but the all the members ate the ramyun with very real expressions.

SNSD's new ad campaign with SamYang Ramyun, "Friendly Ramyun, Samyang Ramyun" is to air in the beginning of October.
(The Times Nam Yoonhyung)


Translation: mishybear@soshified

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090924.SNSD.News.SNSD's Seohyun becomes a reporter for a day Part 1/2/3

Thursday, September 24, 2009

[SNSD's Seohyun becomes a reporter for a day part 1] "Anything I say will become a huge news"
Click the picture to view larger
Hello. I am SNSD's Maknae (youngest), Seohyun. I have became a news reporter for a day for Daily Sports' 40th anniversary. Up until now, I was very curious over many things whenever I met with reporters. Through this experience, I have thoroughly learned how news articles are posted (written) on the internet (newspapers). It was harder than I had expected when I actually tried writing an article. I think being a news reporter is very appealing; but of course, I like being a singer. Would you care to join Seohyun's hectic day?

8:00 AM Go to work
Arrive at work by 8:00 AM. Since I am used to the busy schedule, this was a piece of cake. Anyways, even though I'm a news reporter for only a day, I should greet the chief editor and other sunbaenims (senior workers). Hello, I am Seohyun. Will you please watch over me closely, throughout the day? Wait a minute, I'm a Maknae at work too, *whimper~

8:10 AM Check other newspapers
Wow, I had no idea you have to check this many newspapers. I see some unfamiliar newspapers too. I wonder what kind of news articles are written in these newspapers? It must be really hard being ahead of all these other newspaper companies...Daily Sports is impressive. Yesterday, looks like there were this many incidents. Wait, how come there isn't a single line about SNSD?

8:30 AM A conference meeting, the topic was coming up with a new section.
I had a chance to attend a conference meeting, where only team managers and higher ups can attend. While Sunbaenims were giving me some advices to a fledgling news reporter, they also told me that it is unusual for conference meeting to be this lively. Then one of the team managers said something to me, "You should quickly become an adult and do "Talking, while drinking" interviews, right? Hm..but, "the quiz they make you do at the end is really hard"~ *

*There are shows that purposely intoxicate celebrities and they ask you questions or they call it "Talking,while drinking" interviews. And at the end, they ask you SUPER HARD current event questions. -Big thanks to Amy for the explanation!-

8:40 AM Start typing the article
Alright, now it's type to actually write the article. This is hard. It looks so simple, when you just read the article, but when you have to write it, it's so hard. Alright, should I write an article about SNSD members? Anything I say will become a huge news.

10:30 AM A design team member monitors and checks my work
Now is the time to check if I have given an appropriate title for the article I am writing, and to check if I have placed pictures and texts correctly. They told me that this is the busiest time of the day. I didn't know there was a profession for copywriters.

10:50 AM Final check by an editor
Once you are done with working on the design, the article is actually printed on the newspaper.
I think it's now the time for an editor to take a look at my article? My next tasks: Fix various grammar mistakes, spacing errors, quality check, and uh oh, I wrote too much. How do I shorten the article? This is so hopeless. Sunbaenim, please help me.

[SNSD's Seohyun becomes a reporter for a day part 2] "Hey, being a photographer isn't that bad, should I buy a DSLR?"

1:00 PM
Female celebrities laugh and cry over a picture. When a photographer told me that taking pictures at certain camera angles can change everything, I focused even more at what he had to say. Should I buy a DSLR?

2:00 PM A passionate news-reporter interview
There is this survival program called, "A passionate News-reporter" hosted by QTV, where they select their new news-reporters, and I had a chance to interview them. Currently, there are five survivors and the final survivor will be recruited by the Daily Sports. I think all five survivors are amazing. I am currently throwing a bunch of questions at them.

3:00 PM Business trip to the field
A notebook...check...A notepad check...A voice recorder check, I'm fully equipped and now I will be on my way to cover the filming set for 'Seun Dok Queen' on the spot.

5:00 PM Submit the news article
There is no deadline for submitting news articles online. I must be able to find an internet connection wherever I am, and submit the latest news article. I hope you will be moved by the optimistic news reporter, Seohyun. Alright, shall I close the lid of my notebook and go somewhere and find another hot issue.

[SNSD's Seohyun becomes a reporter for a day Part 3] "I would like to interview Ock Juhyun and Johnny Depp."

If I were to become a celebrity news reporter, then I would like to interview these two people.

First, I would like to interview Ock Juhyun unni. She started out as a member of the idol group and now her ability to perform as a musical actress is acknowledged. I envy her ability to shine on the stage during the musical. However, it must have been really difficult for her to reach this point. For sure, I would like to listen to how she has coped with depressions and adversities through an interview.

Second, I would like to interview Johnny Depp. He has been my 'precious' actor, since I was in middle school. Who can match his ability to act perfectly no matter what role is given to him, and have the looks and the superb acting skills. But what if I become nervous during the interview? I would be selfish for interviewing him, right? This has been daily news reporter, Seohyun from Daily Sports.


Credits: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)
Translated by cathode@soshified
Edited by nerD@soshified

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090922.SNSD.News.So Nyuh Shi Dae fans, donate 5,000,000 won for Hyoyeon's Birthday

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The Dancing Queen that shines on every stage!
So Nyuh Shi Dae's lovable prankster!
Hyoyeon, we truly wish you a happy birthday~^^

Sone's are happier because you are here.

Daum So Nyuh Shi Dae fan cafe Hwasueunhwa
So Nyuh Shi Dae China fansite SNSDCHINA
So Nyuh Shi Dae international site

So Nyuh Shi Dae fans have planned a special event for Hyoyeon's Birthday.

Funds from fans on So Nyuh Shi Dae's fan cafe, Hwasueunhwa, international site Soshified, and Chinese fansite SnsdChina - on the 22nd of September, which is So Nyuh Shi Dae member Hyoyeon's birthday - were collected (5,000,000 won) and donated to a food market located in Incheon, Kyeyang-gu.

The fans, who have been donating and participating in community service during each member's birthday, took into consideration that Hyoyeon hails from Incheon and decided to donate to a facility in that area. The food market is a facility that distributes basic foodstuffs to families in need.

Park Jongsook, who runs the food market, "The House that Opens Tomorrow," stated that, "the donations from So Nyuh Shi Dae fans will be able to help support around 300 families for 6 months. Since Chuseok is approaching soon, these donations will definitely allow the families in need to have a happier holiday," and thanked the fans that donated on Hyoyeon's behalf.

The fans then participated in community services around Incheon where they cleaned the houses of elderly individuals living alone. The fans also drew attention by putting up an advertisement in a daily newspaper wishing Hyoyeon a happy birthday.

Credit: aseo @soshified
Source: Newsen Yoon Hyunjin

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090922.SNSD.Art Pic.Kim Hyo Yeon 21st Birthday

Credit to: Cream, Kaycee @soshified

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090921.SNSD.CF.News,Pictures,Video Download.Greetings from Yoona as a new model for Innisfree CF

Monday, September 21, 2009

SNSD's member Yoona has recently been chosen as a model for Amore Pacific's Innisfree - a company that promotes use of natural cosmetic products.

On 21st, Amore Pacific has disclosed that starting this fall, fans will be able to see Yoona on TV, magazines, and in Innisfree department stores.

Kim Heesun, a brand manager of Innisfree, said, "Yoona has been portraying her bright, pure image through her dramas and her album promotional activities with her group members. We have decided that Yoona's such image fits well with Innisfree's brand concept of purity, and that is why Yoona was chosen as the Innisfree's model.

Also, Kim Heesun added that since Yoona is down to earth and is upbright, she will be able to appeal to wide range of age groups; this further bolsters their decision on choosing Yoona as Innisfree's model.


Yoona has recently filmed a CF for Innisfree at the Jeju island, and starting this fall, it will be shown at the various department stores.


original: LINK
Written by Lee SungJae
Translated by cathode@soshified
PICTURES (Click image to view larger)

Download : MF

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