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[05.21.09] SNSD's Yuri, The Secret to Clear Skin "Grind Ma (Chinese Yam) and Drink It Every Morning"

Saturday, May 23, 2009

On the upcoming episode of MBC’s ‘Change the World’ on May 23rd, in the most recent recording Yuri revealed that, “I grind Ma (Chinese yam), and drink it”. Also Yuri learned from her father, “that milk with honey grinded in with apple is good for you if you drink it.”

Tiffany who is currently living together with Yuri at their residence revealed, “Every morning you can hear the blender mixing. Yuri is grinding and drinking her Ma (Chinese yam) by herself.” This made the cast surprised.

Yuri who recommended, “Since it’s good for your health drink a cup everyday” to Sun Wooyong who appeared together on the same recording, Sun Wooyong said, “Not everyone is meant to drink that. I drink NoolEunBap (Pouring water on top of the burned/scorched rice at the bottom of a pot) every morning.” This made everyone burst into laughter.

Translation: kimjihyee @

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[CLIPS] Banana CF individual Download Links (Yuri,Tae Yeon,Soo Young,Sunny,Seo Hyun)



Tae Yeon




Soo Young


Seo Hyun


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090517 KBS SNSD Cut

Friday, May 22, 2009

Link posted!Sorry for posting the link lately as i am a bit busy these few days,sorry!


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[05.22.09] SNSD Seohyun yells and cries in "Horror Factory", FULL SPOILER

SNSD Seohyun yelled and cried in front of Bumsoo (Lee).

Seohyun showed her acting skill in front of Bumsoo, who came to teach acting, at MBC's "Horror Factory" filming set.

The task given by Bumsoo to SNSD was to explore and talk about SNSD themselves. This is one of the real training method for prospective actors, and is an essential fundamental training.

During this process, Tiffany first revealed her acting skill that she has been practicing, and other members followed and competed each other with their polished acting skills.

Especially, Maknae Seohyun showed acting that surpassed her unnies by yelling and crying to Bumsoo, and surprised everyone on the set.

The one who get selected by Bumsoo as the best student is going to record a test film with [Sooyoung].

O: 우남희 기자


MC Seyoon asked SNSD members to talk about what they though of Bumsoo in a bus on the way to the recording set, but Bumsoo was secretly riding the same bus and heard everything what the girls said about himself.

Also, SNSD each prepared gifts with $20 given prior to the meeting. The girls made Bumsoo laugh as Tiffany prepared a swimsuit for coming summer, Sooyoung prepared a Bamboo wife (aka Dutch wife) to comfort lonely days, and Hyeoyeon prepared a pot and an instant noodle.

O: 이미혜


Another article says,

Bumsoo is going to pick 5 gifts that he likes or are useful, and the losing team (that has less # gifts picked) is to wear a gym suit in the next recording.

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[05.22.09] SNSD become Moms in June

Popular female group SNSD tries out to be super moms.

On KBS JOY cable channel, SNSD will be on a childcare variety show called 'Hello Baby'

On SNSD's 'Hello Baby', SNSD members will visit college students, a dual-career family, celebrity couples,
and multinational families and babysit their kids for a day.

SNSD's 'Hello Baby' is expected air in June. With this childcare variety, SNSD will show their mature image instead of
their usual cute, bright image.


Translated: cathode @
Edited: Soy @

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[090521] MBC Chin Chin Radio - Tae Yeon

Another episode of Chin Chin radio by Girls' Generation's leader..Tae Yeon,hope you like it!

Credit : Snsdchina + Soshified

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[090521] DongA TV - Jazz Concert - L.O.V.E -Taeyeon Cut

Watch our cutie little leader in this clip..She is so cute but yet she has powerful vocal!

Credit : Snsdchina + Soshified

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[05.21.09] "Cinderella Man" Star Yoona's Adult Acting and Emotional Acting is "Jjang"

Thursday, May 21, 2009

[Asia Kyungjae News Reporter Hwang Yonghee] The SNSD member Yoona, who is currently acting in MBC "Cinderella Man," is playing her role as an adult perfectly. She debuted as a singer and crossed over to such a diverse and emotional actress, catching the attentions of viewers.

She's acting alongside the hallyu star Kwon Sangwoo, and senior actor/actress Song Changui and Han Eunjung, showing a cute and lively, and sometimes serious personality. By acting all these emotions, she is showing her "green thumb" in acting to all the viewers.

Yoona is so good at acting as an adult woman that saying she's in "Ladies Generation" instead of "Girls Generation" would not be an exaggeration. It's hard to believe that her only acting experience is KBS daily drama "You Are My Destiny."

An affiliate of a broadcast didn't hold back on compliments, "If Cinderella Man's viewer ratings are good, she (Yoona) could become the best female star. She was originally a singer but in her first lead role in a mini-series, she shows potential of being a versatile actress, showcasing different acting roles. She's an amazing actress."

She plays the role in which her father suddenly passes away and forces her to return from her studying in Paris. While being a stall vendor, she's chosen as a designer for a domestic, leading fashion company. Although it's difficult, she energetically develops and paves her own path. After drinking a considerable amount of soju, Yoona cutely dances to Lee Hyori's "U-Go-Girl".

On the other hand, she shows solemn emotional acting, crying while holding her hospitalized mother at the hospital, touching the heartstrings of viewers. She easily coordinated melancholy-acting with sunbae actor, Kwon Sangwoo, and shows potential as a female actress, gaining lots of attention.

On the 20th in the drama, Song Changui and Kwon Sangwoo feel Yoona's "love and charm", creating a love triangle act and she showed her growth as a mature, adult actress.

There's Song Changui, who persistently wants love, and Kwon Sangwoo, who likes Yoona but deviates hopelessly. The anticipation for how Yoona will show herself is huge.

This past year, through the KBS daily drama 'You Are My Destiny', Yoona won the 'Best New Actress' award and has become the 'heroine' of the living room TV. Yoona's role is very important in 'Cinderella Man'

Credits to : Hwang & sosiz
Translated by : &

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090520 SBS TV News Yu Se Yun's Wedding SNSD Cut + Download link!

They are so pretty here and they sing their old song "kissing you" in this clip,haha!

Credit: sosiz + soshified

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[090519] Mnet Wide Entertainment News Super 100 - Tae Yeon + Download link

Credit: sosiz + soshified

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[05.19.09] SNSD, Chosen as the Advertising Models of a Cereal Brand

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

[SportDongA Reporter Kim Wonkyom]

Female group SNSD's Sooyoung, Sunny, Seohyun, together with Shin Aera became CF models for the product 'Post Cranberry Almond Granola.'

From the 16th of this month the new commercial for 'Post Cranberry Almond Granola' was revealed on television, asking the consumers, 'If there is a delicious cereal, how good does it have to be...?'

In this commercial, the already established 'face' of Post Cornflakes, Shin Aera asks 'Do you know? Which cereal is popular nowadays?' and shows SNSD members eating the product by themselves.

The brand spokesman, An Kyongho, stated "This product aims to change the thoughts of the regular consumers that cereal is only for children," and "hence for this product we chose SNSD, who are popular stars that are recognized by people of all ages, to be the models."

Source: DongA News

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[05.20.09] 'SNSD in my computer?' Explosion of Soshi Widget - Screensavers' Popularity

SNSD's fresh and lively appearance can be seen in your free time in what's called a 'SNSD Widget' and a 'SNSD screensaver' which are accumulating a lot of popularity.

Through rumors, the 'SNSD widget' and 'SNSD screensaver' is spreading quickly. It was released through Samsung's official 'Hahaha campaign 2009' website as a free service. This past month, on the 24th, the service was released and in one week, there have been 90,000 downloads. Up until the present 20th, there has been at least 300,000 downloads, showcasing the explosion of popularity among the netizens.

The 'SNSD widget' tells the time but also offers free encouragement mails and texts. There are different, charismatic SNSD expressions available, depending on the time. Not only that but the 9 members also do their own individual motions as an encouragement message along with the Hahaha dance as a special feature.

The 'SNSD screensaver' was released through the official site and videos of 'SNSD's Hahaha' and 'SNSD's dance studio' are receiving a lot of love from netizens.

Netizens say, "It's fun to see SNSD's cute appearance in my computer" , "It is the best PC accessory that offers a variety of functions and it infects me with a happy virus", and are showing positive reactions.

A representative of Samsung's 'Hahaha Campaign 2009' said, "The amount of downloads for the SNSD widget and screensaver has exceeded the free download service event's limit" and "We are grateful to the netizens' support and through this, I hope their lives are full of smiles and laughter."

Credits to: Kim Hyungwoo@Joins
Translated by:

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[05.20.09] SNSD 1st for 'Star you want to invite to your University Festival'

9 girl group SNSD placed 1st on ‘The Star you would want to invite to your university festival’. From the 11th to the 18th, website Bugs conducted a survey asking ‘The star you would want to invite to your university festival’ to over 7306 netizens, and SNSD placed 1st with a vote of 24.84% (1815 people).

Netizens said with passionate support , “Even if SNSD were to be just sitting still, that would be a huge performance”

DBSK placed 2nd with 20.13% (1471 people), and at 3rd was Super Junior with 19.09% (1395 people)

In addition to the performance of the group’s members, netizens have evaluated their excellent skills, “Their talking skills is great, the songs are great, and we like the performance” also that “they are the best of idols” these praises were not spared.

At 4th place, Big Bang with 18.75% (1370 people). Concerning Big Bang, netizens said “they aren’t idols anymore but is the most loved by the public” they also said “Big Bang, the most popular and the most well out.”

At 5th place , SS501 with 10.21% (746 people), and at 6th place, Wonder Girls with 6.97% (509 people)

Translation: kimjihyee @

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[05.19.09] SNSD Selected 1st for 'The Celebrity you would want to Immigrate together with'

In a recently conducted survey relating to immigration, SNSD was selected 1st place for 'The celebrity you would want to immigrate with'

A firm specializing in overseas settlement and investment, MCC, held a immigration settlement seminar at the Hana Bank World Center in Gangnam, and conducted the 'The celebrity you would want to immigrate with' survey to 450 participants.

While SNSD who swept the music industry the first half of the year placed 1st for ' The celebrity you would want to immigrate with' with 52%(234 people), Yoo Jaesuk was selected 2nd with 17% (78 people). Behind them were Wonder Girls with 9% (42 people), Park Myungsoo with 7% (30 people), Lee Hyori with 5% (21 people) Kang Hodong with 3% (15 people), No Hongchul 2%(9 people), Shin Bongsun 1% (6 people), Etc 3% (15 people) was the order.

SNSD who blasted away the music industry with Gee, for the 1st half year, with their cute appearance and being well rounded in the entertainment industry, are bringing in their popularity with the public. All 9 members who are bright and with their cute image and individual charms, and continues to gather a lot of interest, was chosen 1st because which ever member they would go with they would have a fun and enjoyable immigrant life.

The nation's MC Yoo Jaesuk who was selected for 2nd place, with his witty sense of humor would seem like he would still make people laugh during their immigration life and with his sincere witty image, immigrants would be able to adapt quickly to their immigration life, were some of the reasons why people chose him.

Translation: kimjihyee

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[090519] Dungeon & Fighter Taeyeon Version Download

Wow...Tae yeon is so brave in the new version of Dungeon Fighter CF,Girls' Generation hwaiting!


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[05.19.09] SNSD's "Gee" is "Overall Number 1 Download" from January-April

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SNSD's "Gee" is "Overall Number 1 Download" from January-April

It has been revealed that the 9-member girl group SNSD have been a huge hit on online music stores this first few months of the year.

According to documents that the music portal site KTF Doshirak revealed to MoneyToday StarNews on the 19th, SNSD's Gee has placed first in the total number of overall pop song downloads between January and April.

SNSD's Gee, which has been presented online beginning of January, was the number 1 download in January and February. In March, the song was third, and between January and February, it was placed number 1 overall. SNSD's minialbum with Gee has sold over 100 000 copies (their company's standard total) and it has reeled in a fairly large sum offline, as well.

On the other hand, according to KTF Doshirak, the female duo Davichi's "8282" was in first place in March and BigBang&2NE1's "Lollipop" was first place in April.

Also, for the total download listings following SNSD from January to February, Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry" was 2nd, Davichi's "8282" was 3rd, Afterschool's "Ah" was 4th, SS501's "Because I'm Stupid" was 5th, Hwayobi's "Half" was 6th, BigBang&2NE1's "Lollipop" was 7th, Wax's "Can't Call Even Once" was 8th, Gavy NJ's "Love Story" was 9th, and Big Bang Seungri's solo song "Strong Baby" was in 10th place.


Source: Reporter Gil Hyesung from StarNews

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[05.18.09] "I've Become a Woman... I Want to Receive Perfume and Roses"

"I've Become a Woman... I Want to Receive Perfume and Roses"
[FocusNews | Reporter Kim Hyeki]

On the Coming-Of-Age Day, SNSD's members said,
" I'm no longer a girl. "

Amongst the popular group, 'SNSD', there are 6 members who, on the 18th which is the 'Coming-Of-Age Day, have turned into adults. They are Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri, Jessica, Sunny, and Hyoyeon. These girls have grown from 'girls' to dignified 'ladies', carrying an even bigger dream which they plan to achieve. This year, they created a 'Soshi Gee storm' and how will their Coming-Of-Age-Day turn out?

▶Taeyeon: I don't think there was any big change. As much as I've grown into an adult, I'm burdened because I have to be responsible for myself and everything I do.
I don't have any gift that I especially wanted to receive, but I want to try to get a driver's licence.
▶Tiffany: I think I have to be responsible for a lot more things now. On the other hand though, I also feel that I've become younger, like a small child.
I want to receive typical Coming-of-Age Day gifts like perfume and roses. I also want to take a break from everyday life by traveling to places on my own.
▶Yuri: I think I have to be a bit more responsible and be a more mature person. I'm also looking forward to the future.
I wish I received a camera as a gift so I could record precious memories while I'm in the 20's. I want to do fun and exciting things that only someone in their 20's can do.

▶Jessica: I look foward to the coming days now that I'm an adult more than I have for the days that have already passed. I want to receive a camera, just like Yuri.
I want to travel places with my camera while I'm still energetic and able to enjoy myself.
▶Sunny: I think this is another good opportunity to think about my responsibilities again.
I want to have a lovable pet to have with me, even though I know it would be hard to take care of it with busy schedules and a lot of members in the dorm. I also want to learn how to drive with Taeyeon
▶Hyoyeon: I can't believe that I've already reached this age. I still feel young, but I'm burdened by the word "adult". I also want to receive roses and perfume from a boyfriend.
I want to go on a trip with my close friends on "Coming-of-Age Day."


Source: Sosiz and Focus News
Translations: &

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With You - The Blue (Tiffany & Soo Young's appearance)

This is a nice song..I have to admit that Girls' Generation's Soo young has improved her singing skills!

Credit: sosiz + soshified

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[090518] ETN E Station Yu Seyun's Wedding

Girl' Generation attended the wedding of the MC of Music Bank,Yu Seyun....They are so beautiful here,you should download and watch it by yourself!


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[09.05.18] SNSD's Taeyeon is Chosen as Most Promising after "Coming-of-age Day"

Monday, May 18, 2009

[MyDaily = Reporter Im Leerang] On my 18th, out of all the stars who celebrated "Coming-of-age Day," SNSD's leader Taeyeon was predicted as the most successful person.

On the community portal site, "DC Inside," the questionnaire, "Which adult-turning star will become most successful this year?" has been featured from the 12th to the 17th of this month. On the 18th, it has been revealed that Taeyeon has placed 1st in this poll. Out of 8959 votes, Taeyeon took charge and led the poll with 2842(31.7%) votes.

Taeyeon is currently a singer, a radio DJ, and also partakes in variety programs, showing off her abilities as a good speaker. Taeyeon has already raised the bar when she was previously selected by netizens as the number 1 "girl idol member most likely to succeed solo."

After Taeyeon, Shinee's leader Onew hada 894(10%) votes coming in second place, and SNSD's member Tiffany came in third place with 729(8.1%) votes. Other than these, actress Park Boyoung, SNSD's Jessica, and Wondergirls' leader Sunye were voted as well.

[SNSD Taeyeon. Photo = MyDaily Photo DB]

(Reporter Im Leerang

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[09.05.17] Girls' Generation Voted By Foreign Journalists for "Best Foreign News/Public Relations" Award, click!

Teenage girl group Girls' Generation was awarded the "Best Foreign News/Public Relations" award.

Girls' Generation attended the event on the 5th at 7pm at the Seoul Plaza Hotel Grand Ballroom at the "Charity Event" for the "Best Foreign News/Public Relations" award.

This is the 5th "Best Foreign News/Public Relations" and resident foreign journalists in Seoul vote to select the winner, determined by media in Korea and abroad, and individuals or organizations that contribute positively are awarded. In addition to Girls' Generation, sports player Park Tae Hwan and movie director Kim Ji Hoon made a total of four awards.

Girls' Generation performed their 1st album title song "Girls' Generation" and "Ooh-La-La!" on the stage with a lot of clapping and cheering (from the audience).

Girls' Generation, "This is a very significant award, thank you. In the future, Girls' Generation will contribute more to Korea and abroad."

Girls' Generation will appear on the stage on the 6th at the "2007 Korea-China Song Festival" and on the 7th on KBS 2TV "Music Bank".

S: Newsen
P: snsdthread@soompi
T: heygingersnap@soompi

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[090517] SBS 1000 Challenge Songs - Yuri & Tiffany Cut

I have nothing to say but continue to be impressed by Girls' Generation's talents!Yuri and tiffany can really sing well!

Credit: sosiz + soshified

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[090517] MBC Horror Movie Factory Episode 03 - SNSD

Please continue to support Girls' Generation by watching their new show...

credit: soshified

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[090517] Post Cereal - SNSD

SNSD's new CF...They really make good use of their cuteness in this CF!

Credit: sosiz + soshified

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[16.05.09] MBC Music Core Feeling Only You - The Blue ft Tiffany & Soo Young

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Soo young sings well here...Tiffany not bad too!

Cre : soshified + soshivn

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SNSD in YooSeYoon wedding

Click here to watch more pictures

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090516 Infinity Infinity Challenge Gil calling SNSD Tiffany

Does anyone want to download this clip?

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