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SNSD Soo Young In Japan when she is young (Part 1 & 2 & 3)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Part 1

These are a few old videos of Girls' Generation member Choi Soo Young..I din't post the download links because i don't know whether you would like to have them or not,anyway please leave a message on the comment box if you really want them!
Part 2

Part 3

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Happy Birthday Yoona!Click to see more Yoona's pictures

Hope that you will wish Yoona happy birthday too!

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[05.28.09] 'The M' MC Kim Hyungjoon-Sunny, Bubbly Progress

Friday, May 29, 2009

- Sunny (SNSD), Kim Hyungjoon (SS501) / Starting from the left

[The Times] On the 27th, from 6:30 PM, at Mokdong, Seoul's KT Hall, SkyEN's new music broadcast, 'The M' filmed it's 16th and 17th episode.

On this day, with The M's MCs, Kim Hyungjoon (SS501)-Sunny (SNSD)'s bubbly MC'ing, the 17th episode of 'MUSIC STYLE' has Cheongrim doing singer Bi (Rain)'s 'I Do', It's Raining and A'ST1 remaking Shinhwa's 'Eusha Eusha" with a new and different stage. The lineup consists of 2PM, V.O.S., Lee Eunmi, Chaeyeon, After School, Evan, Zi.a, IU, Oh Jonghyuk, UPT, Defconn, Super Kidd, Cheongrim, A'ST1, Answer, Han Kyungil, Jung Youngjoo, Happy Face, Mate, and Ipeuro.

On the 27th, the pre-recorded The M's 16th and 17th episode will air May 29th and June 5th, over a span of 2 weeks, SkyEN airing it on Friday nights at 6.

Credits to: Sosiz
Translated by:

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[MV] HaHaHa Campaign Full Version

Click on this post to get the download link!Sorry for being late to post this video here!


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[05.28.09] SNSD 'Gee Syndrome'...350,000,000 Won Earned During 5 Weeks

The group, SNSD, released their mini-album on January 5th.
Along with the release, they experienced an explosive popularity, charting 1st on non-cable music programs and other charts for 5 consecutive weeks.
The five weeks after the release of the album brought in a profit of at least 350 million won.
80,000 albums were sold with a profit of 90,006,000 won. And on various music websites, the profit of online music downloads were 60,000,000 won.
The total music profits from caller rings and additional services add up to a whopping 100,000,000 won.
They are being welcomed by the CF industry as their popularity skyrockets.
Even the cost of their appearance has doubled, acquiring a profit of 150,000,000 from CFs alone.
The fact that SNSD's popularity brings every generation together, is receiving a lot of attention.

[Lim Jinmo/popular culture critic: (Q. What is the reason why SNSD's 'Gee' is receiving love from different age groups?)
Just the song name 'Gee' itself has a high chance of being a commercially successful song. The song, visual, dance, and fashion are all things that not only would interest and catch the eyes of teenagers, but all age groups.]

Credits to: Sosiz
Translated by:

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2009 SNSD Tae Yeon Message For SM Academy New Members

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Attention please..Our leader speaking here!

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[090526] Mnet Super 100-Yoona

I have posted the video yesterday and this is the download link for the video,please leave some birthday wishes for her if you really like her,thanks very much!

Credit : Snsdchina + Soshified

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[090524] 2009 Message For SM Academy New Members Tae Yeon

Dear juniors..You should listen to your senior's...Tae yeon's advices!

Credits: Private | Soshified

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[090524] 2009 Message For SM Academy New Members - SNSD

Hope that those new members will be as successful as their seniors...Girls' Generation!


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090526+Mnet+Super100 SNSD Yoona

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

She is cute,charming,pretty,attractive and whatever great adjectives to describe Girls' Generation's Im Yoona....

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[090522] Post Cereal CF Behind Story - SNSD

I like this CF very much,hope that you like it too,this is the making of this fantastic CF,hope that you will like it!
Credits: Private | Soshified

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[05.26.09] SNSD-Wondergirls-2NE1, There is No Resting from the Girl Groups' Activities

[05.26.09] SNSD-Wondergirls-2NE1, There is No Resting from the Girl Groups' Activities

[OSEN=Reporter Lee Jungah] The activity of girl groups will continue without stopping this year.

Last year, the the girl group activity was busier than ever. Wondergirls was in the center of it all, and the representative girl group SNSD led the fever this year.

Last year, Wondergirls showed to be most active, creating a girl-group wave with their song "Nobody." Wondergirls made everybody point their fingers and do the gun dance to the song, and gathered a lot of momentum to hold their first concert. On Mnet chart, the album reached the top just two days after it went on sale, and it also placed first for 5 weeks.

Likewise, SNSD continued on this fever for girl groups this year. SNSD was noticeably popular not only in the music world, but they also appeared on shows and CF's very frequently because of their song, "Gee". It deserved to be called the "Gee" wave. SNSD placed 1st for 7 weeks on the same chart that Wondergirls placed 1st for 5 weeks. They had the honor of having first place for the longest amount of time.

If Wondergirls and SNSD captured music fans by showing their youthfulness, liveliness, and cuteness, then this summer, the girl group different than all the others will come out to continue with the wave.

These girls, 2NE1, were called "the Girl Big Bang" and became popular even before they debuted. 2NE1 sang the song "Lollipop" with the Big Bang members before they formally debuted, creating publicity, and are currently active promoting their debut song, "Fire." Unlike previous girl groups, they have hip hop roots with their powerful performances on stage are their strong points.

SNSD, Wondergirls, and 2NE1 who is continuing with the girl group streak, are not only going to energize the pop world, but they are making us expectant for more diverse girl groups.


Source: Daum Media and Osen

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[05.26.09] Tiffany and Baek Jiyoung, special appearance on Ja Myunggo

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Singer Jiyoung (Baek) and Tiffany take a challenge on acting.

They are about to make cameo appearance in SBS drama . Their voices are already well known to the viewers through the drama's O.S.T, and now they are about to make their faces known. One of the staff said, “We are examining the possibility of Jiyoung and Tiffany's special appearance. We are not going to create new characters specially designed for them, but are going to pick characters that fit them best from the original script".

is doing poorly in terms of TV ratings despite of the great cast including Jung Ryeowon, Jung Kyungho, Moon Sungguen, Lee Misook, and etc, because MBC's dominated Mon-Tue drama time slot.

selected Jiyoung and Tiffany as helpers to keep their viewers away from that newly started on the 25th of May. The official said, "We are discussing characters and schedules in more detail. They are going to play roles that extend from singers' charisma"

O: 이현아 기자

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[05.25.09] Taeyeon says, "It's a really sad day."

Monday, May 25, 2009

On the 23rd, various entertainers had expressed their condolences regarding the death of the late former South Korean president, Noh Moohyun.

On MBC Radio's "Taeyeon's Chinhan Chingu" broadcast on the 23rd, Taeyeon from group SNSD bad expressed in her closing comment, "It had been a really sad day. May your soul rest in peace."


Source: Kukinews
Written by Jo Hyunwoo
Translated by Xeth@soshified/forums
Edited by minjoo@soshified/forums

Idol Fansites are also setting up memorials for former president Noh Moohyun

Because of former president Noh Moohyun's accidental death, the fansites of various idol groups are setting up memorials.

When the death of former president Noh Moohyun was made public on the 23rd, fansites of different idol stars like Dong Bang Shin Ki, So Nyuh Shi Dae, Super Junior, KARA, Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, and etc. have set up memorial messages and pictures on their front pages.


SNSD's fansite, Milkye, had participated too and they had even published a picture of former president Noh smiling brightly along with the words "Rest In Peace".

Source: Starnews
Written by Lee Haerim
Translated by Xeth@soshified/forums
Edited by minjoo@soshified/forums
Shared By: SNSD Fansite

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[05.24.09] Lee Junghyun's Comeback, "My rivals are the fresh girls of SNSD"

The singer Lee Junghyun who has made a flashy comeback with a new album after 2 years and 7 months picked SNSD as her top rival.

Lee Junghyun appeared on KBS 'Celebrity News' on the 23rd and expressed her overwhelming thoughts on making a comeback in the national music industry. When the reporter asked how she was during the break, she replied, "I worked as a patriot of Korea in China. I earned lots of foreign currency also" and "I've gotten lots of fans due to lots of activity in China."

Lee Junghyun who is facing her 14th year since her debut stated, "My rival is SNSD. But I think I have a stronger charisma" and "When I was that age, I was scary and interesting instead of fresh" as she reminisced about her debut period.

Lee Junghyun is making a comeback to the Korean industry with her newly released album.

The title song 'Crazy' was written by the hit song writer who wrote SNSD's 'Gee'. The writer, E-Tribe, was in charge of writing and producing the song and when the audition for the making of the music video was held, over 400 dancers signed up for the audition after just listening to the chorus part of the song. The song presents a strong and trendy sound. Also the song is a unique mix of R&B with hip-hop which was hard to come across in Korea and is something to be anticipating about.


Translation: k_Taevid @

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[090522] SBS Hope TV - SNSD Yuri Cut

Sunday, May 24, 2009

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Mnet Super 100 Bling bling Star 2009

Just watch Girls' Generation at M net!

Credit: anneth @ soshified

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