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090828.SNSD.News.SNSD'S honest and quick-witted testimonies

Friday, August 28, 2009

SNSD's Yoona, "Yuri Sleeps During Movies"
Yuri's secret is revealed by Yoona.

In the recent recording of SBS 'Intimate Note' which is to be aired on the 28th, Yoona stated, "I watched a movie called 'Mother' with Yuri. But she fell asleep ten minutes into the movie and woke up ten minutes before it ended."

Yoona continued, "A few days later at an interview, Yuri said her favorite movie is 'Mother.' We watched another movie together again, but Yuri fell asleep during that one as well. When the rest of us laughed at a funny scene, Yuri would immediately wake up and start laughing with us."

SNSD's honest and quick-witted testimonies will be aired on August 28th at 9:55PM.


SNSD's Seohyun, "Does Not Like Men?"

SNSD members disclosed personal information about Seohyun without hesitation.

In the recent recording of SBS 'Intimate Note' which is to be aired on the 28th, SNSD members agreed unanimously that Seohyun is like a "greenhouse flower" and continued to talk about her.

Taeyeon stated, "Seohyun does not like men. At her age, she should be interested and curious about that sort of stuff but she really isn't and that worries me." Sooyoung continued, "Seohyun is thoroughly self-managed. Even if our schedule is supposed to end at 3:00AM, she insists that she has to go to sleep by midnight to take good care of her skin."

Sooyoung continued, "At first I thought Seohyun was only joking. But she really does go to bed by herself at midnight." Hyoyeon also spoke about Seohyun's studious habits, "Seohyun sets her alarm clock to 7:00AM and wakes up to it every morning. She wakes up at that time to read books while the others are still sleeping."

SNSD's honest and quick-witted testimonies will be aired on August 28th at 9:55PM.

SNSD's Seohyun, "Sunny Should Stop Acting Cute"

SNSD's Seohyun stated that Sunny needs to stop acting cute.

In the recent broadcasting of SBS 'Intimate Note' which is to be aired on the 28th, Sunny stated, "Many people think Sunny is the youngest member in the group because she tries to act cute all the time," and "I wish she would stop trying to act cute all the time."

Sunny replied, "Whenever Seohyun sees me eating fast food, she would approach me and tell me that I will die very quickly if I continue eating fast food," and laughed, "Well let's see how long Seohyun lives."

SNSD's honest and quick-witted testimonies will be aired on August 28th at 9:55PM.

Reporter: Lee Mihye,
Source: Newsen
Translation: Glucose

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090828.SNSD.News+Wallpaper.A Suprise Date with SNSD at the Incheon City Festival

Click the image above to view Hi-Def Wallpaper

The lucky winners of the competition with 1400 to 1 odds are going to meet with SNSD at the Incheon International City Festival tomorrow for a happy date.

The organizing committee of the Incheon International City Festival revealed that the spokesperson of the festival will be SNSD, and will have a date with the fans this coming 28th at the event place.

The organizers have been gathering applicants to go on this date from August 3rd to the 16th on the festival homepage, and 18 winners were announced on August 18th.

A total of 26 000 people applied for this event, and the odds of winning were recorded as 1444 to 1.

This event was scheduled to be on the 20th, but because of past-president Kim Daejoong's sudden death, it was moved to the 28th.


Source: KFM 99.9
Translations: mishybear

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090827.SNSD.Download MP3.Jessica Feat. ONew - One Year Later Instrumental

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Download Jessica Feat. ONew - One Year Later Instrumental

Also available Tell Me Your Wish Instrumental : Link

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090826.SNSD.News.Kim Dongwook and Jessica, Main Characters of 'Legally Blonde' the Musical

It has been chosen that actor Kim Dongwook and SNSD member Jessica will be the main characters of the musical 'Legally Blonde.'

It's been decided that the two will perform in the musical 'Legally Blonde' starting on November 14 at the Comex Auditorium in Seoul (Samsungdong). Kim Dongwook will be the main male character, Emmett, while Jessica will be the main female character, Elle Woods.

Kim Dongwook has recently finished the KBS drama 'Partner' and is currently working on promoting the release of his new movie 'National Representative.' But a representative of his company has states that he has already shown dedication in analyzing his role in the musical. SNSD's Jessica finished promoting 'Tell Me Your Wish' and decided on being a part of this musical.

Broadway's hit musical 'Legally Blonde,' which will be shown in Asia for the first time, is a remake of the movie 'Legally Blonde' that was released in 2001 and made $90,000,000.

After performing at Broadway in 2007, the musical has been on tour across America and will start its promotions in England starting December 5.

In addition to the two main roles, singer Kim Jongjin is challenging himself by taking a part in this musical. His role is Professor Callahan, a straight-forward and stubborn lawyer, who makes an offer for a promotion in exchange for a sexual relationship.

Elle Woods' best friend Paulette, a hair dresser and nail artist, has been chosen to be performed by Jeon Sookyung and musical actress Chu Junghwa.

Other cast members are Lee Joowon, Lee Youngmi, Kim Hyungmook, Im Kihong, Ha Jiseung, Baek Juhee, and former Miss Korea Lee Hanui.

translation: soshi00

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090824.SNSD.News.SNSD, "We Don't Use Twitter,Facebook and Cyworld!"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SNSD announced that the group does not use Twitter.

Recently, a Twitter account rumored to be used by SNSD has spread rapidly amongst the Netizens. In spite of this rumor, SM Entertainment officials reported that "this is completely false."

SM Entertainment officials stated, "We are aware of the rumor amongst the fans that a certain Twitter account is used by SNSD. Even friends of the members were confused in regards to this rumor. However, this is completely false. SNSD does not own a Twitter account."

SM officials continued, "Not only do they not use Twitter, but SNSD have never used other social networking websites such as Mini-homepage (Cyworld) and Facebook. Any news that SNSD wishes to share with the fans will be communicated through their official homepage.

Fortunately, the Twitter account was not used for malicious purposes but had spread throughout the internet only through confusion amongst the fans, so it shouldn't cause any other problems. SM officials expressed concern in regards to this issue and "hoped that the fans were not harmed in any way because of this fake Twitter account."

Meanwhile, SNSD members have been carrying out their individual activities after concluding the 'Tell Me Your Wish' promotions. Taeyeon is currently the DJ for MBC FM4U 'Chin Chin' Radio, Yuri and Tiffany are the MC's on MBC 'Show! Music Core,' and Sooyoung is the MC for MBC 'Fantasy Partner.'

Reporter: Lee Mihye,
Source: newsen
Translation: Glucose

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090823.SNSD.News.SNSD's Yoona,I'm 50 kg and 167 cm

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yoona, of popular idol group SNSD, revealed her height and weight for the first time on TV and it is a hot topic.

On KBS 2TV's 'Shin Dongyup & Shin Bongsun's Champagne' that was broadcasted on the 22nd, Yoona of SNSD was a guest. While other guests were talking about their diets, she revealed her weight and height.

Choi Hwajung asked, "How much do you weigh right now, Yoona?" Yoona responded by saying, "I'm a little under 50 kg [~110 lb]" and then shyly smiled. The MCs then asked her, "How tall are you?" Yoona responded by saying, "167 cm [~5 ft 6 in]."

The other female guests became a little bitter after hearing this and looked enviously at her.

MC Shin Bongsun asserted that her height and weight are average, and said that there is a problem with the standard that males have for females. She then said, "I am 157 cm [~5 ft 2 in] and I weigh 57 kg [~126 lb], and when I went to a hospital, they told me that my height and weight are both average."

Noh Sahyeon also asserted that she was of average height and weight, saying, "I am 165 cm [~5 ft 5 in] and I weigh 65 kg [~143 lb]." Noh Sahyeon brought laughter to the set by revealing that whenever she sees skinny and pretty females, she wants to hit them.

This broadcast of 'Shin Dongyup & Shin Bongsun's Champagne' had Yoona, No Sahyeon, Choi Hwajung, Kim Youngchul, and Lee Hongki as guests.

Reporter: Choi Joonki (
Translation: jreddevil07

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