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[090606] MBC Music Core - Intro & MC Cuts (Tiffany & Yuri)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yuri and Tiffany are simply to hot.....


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090606 SNSD Tiffany&Yuri Cut (MBC Show Music Core)

See whether Yuri and Tiffany have improved?

MF:001 002 003

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[06.04.09] "University freshman" SNSD's Yoona - Her Innocent Class Photo Revealed

Friday, June 5, 2009

SNSD's Yoona, who has become a freshman in university, has attracted many people's attention through a photo that was taken during class. It is widely being spread through the Internet.

This year, Yoona is attending Dongkook University, taking classes in drama as a university student. However, she has been engaged in activites through SNSD's hit song "Gee" and is also taking part in the new MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama "Cinderella Man". The situation right now is that she barely has the time to attend her classes.

During this time, the picture that Yoona took during class has been on the Internet and drawing attention. Even though she's a modest celebrity, she comes into class for her lecture with simple make-up and a nice ensemble. This side of Yoona gives a favourable reaction to the netizens.

One source recently said, "Her schedule is obviously busy so it's true that it's hard to fit school in there" however, "Whenever she has time, she makes the effort to come to class".

Of course, only a few days before, Yoona met with a reporter and said, "Although it's true that I don't have the time to attend school, I'm trying my hardest to make it" and she also said, "Attending school is a lot more fun than I thought."

Credits: Newsen, Sosiz
Translations by

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090604 SNSD Sunny&Seohyun&Hyoyeon&Sooyoung MC Cut(KCTA Opening Festival)

How can our girls be so talented..They are good in singing,acting,dancing and now!

MF:001 002

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[090603] MBC Chin Chin Radio - Tae Yeon (guests V.O.S)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

V.O.S attended Chin Chin radio hosted by Tae Yeon..Our cute leader is really funny in this episode,you should watch download and yourself,please enjoy!

MF:001 002

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[06.03.09] 'Cinderella Man' Kwon Sangwoo, Kiss Scene with 20 Year Old Yoona

Eyes have been on the current star, Kwon Sangwoo as he has a surprising kiss scene with SNSD Yoona in the MBC Wednesday, Thursday drama 'Cinderella Man'.

'Cinderella Man' that will end on the 4th has given hints to the TV viewers that the major male and female characters, Kwon Sangwoo and Yoona will have kiss scenes and end in a happy ending. However, the producer said that no one knows the ending and have been keeping his lips tight on whether or not Oh Daesan (played by Kwon Sangwoo) and Seo Yoojin (played by Yoona) will happily reunite.

In 'Cinderella Man', Kwon Sangwoo moves on from his recent failures and shows his charisma as a romantic guy. His previous work 'My Tutor Friend' as a comedy movie displayed fantastic teamwork with the top star, Kim Haneul, but in this drama, he meets Yoona as his new partner and has been evaluated as showing his experience in acting.

On the 30th of the last month, Yoona who turned 20 years old (in Korean age) filmed her very first kiss scene as an actress right the next day which showed her maturity as an adult after her coming-of-age ceremony. Yoona wrote a greeting on her official homepage saying 'I don't like how I don't have the opportunity to meet my fans because I'm busy with the drama' and uploaded a picture with a cake sent by her fans without any make-up.

'Cinderella Man' took place in the Dongdaemoon market, the number 1 shopping market that’s popular both day and night in Korea, as a drama where Kwon Sangwoo displayed his burning passion for acting by playing 2 different roles at once for the first time.

He played Lee Junhee who is a timid fashion plutocrat and as Oh Daesan who has a burning ambition for his clothing store in Dongdaemoon while Yoona played Yoojin who encountres both love and dream of Daesun and overcomes being double-hearted to seek love.

'Cinderella Man' is a very important piece of work for both and other actors. As an actress, Yoona took first steps forward, which were more of a burden due to her daily drama 'You're My Destiny' that had a high program rating while Kwon Sangwoo needed this to recover from his failed drama, 'Bad Love'.

Although Hwang Jungmin-Kim Ahjoong's 'Babo' and Cha Seungwon-Kim Sunah's 'City Hall' and etc have jumped in the tense competition with the Wednesday, Thursday dramas, 'Cinderella Man' was confirmed to have a steady audience and recognized to be a well-made drama.


Translated by:

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[06.03.09] Even from Mexico and France, "Happy Birthday Yoona", Soshified mentioned on Korean News

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Look forward to the birthday congratulation ad for SNSD's Yoona which will be published in the newspaper on June 3rd. It wasn't the first time fans published congratulations for their idol stars but the ad this time had something special. The congratulations weren't only in Korean – they were also written in English, Chinese, German and even Arabic. "Carolina/F/20/Mexico", "Jeremi Auber/M/22/France" and many more submitted congratulation messages and they even introduced themselves briefly.

This "Global Congratulation Ad" was an event prepared by SNSD's fancafe "Hwa Soo Eun Hwa" for Yoona's birthday on the 30th of May.
According to "Hwa Soo Eun Hwa", foreign fansite "Soshified" ( came up with almost 400 messages from 30 different countries in 3 days after they posted "we want to request birthday congratulation messages".
"Soshified" is an international fansite for "So Nyuh Shi Dae" with 25,000 members and was opened in February 2008. The fancafe "Hwa Soo Eun Hwa" picked out and published 23 messages.

The dimensions for the stars' congratulation newspaper ads, which started to boom in the later half of last year, are around 10cm x10cm. People in the fanclub gather money for the ad and they also decide on which design to use.
Fansite members confess their endless love to the stars and they even get the media's attention which makes members participate more actively. [...]

Source: Yahoo Korea/Joongang Ilbo
Written by Kang Haeran
Translated by Xeth@soshified/forums
Edited by Soy@soshified/forums

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[06.02.09] Yoona Takes a Picture of her 20th Birthday Cake with a Natural Face

[E-Daily SPN Reporter Yang Seungjoon] "I'm so happy because I was congratulated by many people again this year~."

Yoona, from the popular group SNSD, thanked her fans who congratulated her on her 20th birthday.

May 30th was Yoona's birthday, and on the 1st of June, she posted on her public homepage with a picture of herself holding a cake with no make-up on.

Yoona started off by saying, "I'm sad because I've been so busy filming my drama lately that I've had no chance to meet everyone," and that, "I see the members at home every day, but I can't go to the daily schedules with them so I'm sad I can't meet all of you."

She also said, "May 30th was my birthday. I saw many birthday messages on the Internet, and I'm so thankful for all the letters and presents that were sent to me." She also thanked her members and fans by saying, "The members went to a performance and prepared a party at midnight the next day. It's amazing to see so many people know my birthday now after my debut."

Yoona also expressed her apologies for not being able to be on stge with the other members because of her busy drama filming schedule.

She wrote, "I want to be able to show the whole 9-membered SNSD group on stage and on shows, but I'm sad that I can't do that," and, "now the drama is finishing this week and I am going to take time to recharge, so please wait until we can meet again."

To end off, she wrote, "I will work hard preparing and working for the new album in return for all of the love and support we receive."

Currently, Yoona is starring in the drama, "Cinderella Man", and will be finishing filming during the middle of this month to work hard for SNSD's new album.

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SNSD HaHaHa Campaign Clay Animation(Full Ver.)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The cartoons of Girls' Generation members are so cute,love this CF so much,please enjoy ang give some comments!


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[090601] Arirang TV Hollywood Bowl 2009 - SNSD (No YoonA)

oona is missing again,but this is a great performance,hope that you will enjoy it!

credit : 모범서현 + | Soshified

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Girls' Generation & Beat Freaks to form "Beat Generation" soon?

Korean Popular band SNSD

America's Best Dance Crew's Beat Freaks

Many people might be flabergasted with this new combination but America's Best Dance Crew's Beat Freaks and Girls' Generation are working together on Girls' Generation's next Album,believe it or not!

It was recently confirmed that Rino Nakasone of the Beat Freaks did the choreography for Girls' Generation next single. Rino lends her dancing skills to come up with the choreography for Girls' Generation's next album which has yet to be named.

Rino Nakasone
The release date of SNSD's new album is yet to be confirmed but sources say it's very soon with rumors of a photoshoot for the album cover jacket that occurred on the 19th of May followed by a MV shooting on the 26th.
Maryss from Paris's Twitter

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[06.01.09] SNSD Yoona Last Month on the 30th Meets Her 19th Birthday 'Cinderella Man Filming Impromptu Birthday Party'

Monday, June 1, 2009

SNSD Yoona Last Month on the 30th Meets Her 19th Birthday 'Cinderella Man Filming Impromptu Birthday Party'

[Newsen 김형우 Reporter]

SNSD Yoona experienced a surprise party for her 19th birthday.
Yoona had her birthday on May 30th. She was given two birthday parties from both MBC 'Cinderella Man' that she is currently acting in and with her SNSD members as a gift.

According to her sponsored company, Yoona on May 29th pulled an all nighter filming for her drama and started the 30th at the filming location. There is a rumor that Kwon Sangwoo started 'Cinderella Man' with all staff, actors, and actresses to gather around for a snug party to celebrate Yoona's birthday.

In the afternoon of 30th while returning to the dorm, SNSD members who were waiting, opened up a birthday party to celebrate Yoona's 19th birthday once again.

On June 1st while talking to Newsen on the phone, her sponspored company, SM Entertainment said, “Because of Yoona's busy schedule filming for the drama, it would've been hard to celebrate her birthday". "Drama producers who opened up a birthday party for Yoona deeply impressed Yoona herself," they continued.

"SNSD members again spent the next day in the dorm with a snug party". SM added, "She had two parties to celebrate her 19th birthday."


Source: 김현우

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SNSD (Girls' Generation) HaHaHa Campaign Clay Animation Tae Yeon version

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[090531] MBC Horror Movie Factory - Episode 4 (No YoonA)

This is the fourth episode,so sad that yoona is not present,anyway please enjoy it!

MF:001 002 003 004 005 006
Credits: Sosiz | Soshified

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090531 MBC HappyTime SNSD Yoona Cut E220 SDTV

Yoona looks great with her short hair,do you agree?

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31 05 09 Post Cereal CF SNSD Sooyoung, Sunny & Seohyun

This the video i mentioned early on,you can download this video on the post below!

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[090531] Post Cereal CF - Seo Hyun, Soo Young, & Sunny

I really like this CF so much,they are so cute,especially Seo Hyun!

Credit : snsdchina |

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[090531] MBC Happy Time - Yoona Cut

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I like yoona's new hairstyle very much,hope that you think the same too!

Credit : Snsdchina + Soshified

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[05.30.09] Taeyeon Close to Tears, Mourns Ex-President Roh on Radio

[OSEN Reporter Lee Junga]

SNSD's member Taeyeon mourned deeply the passing of Ex-President Roh Moohyun.

She started her program, MBC FM4U 'Taeyeon's Close Friends', on the 29th saying, "When there is a road that nobody goes through, everybody avoids it. Most people choose the safer way, but sometimes there are people who choose to do the opposite."

"Today, in your lead, many people are following you close behind, and already made a new road. Today was the funeral ceremony of Ex-President Roh Moohyun. The pall bearing car slowly made it's way through the crowd with many people following it close behind, and in no time it become a new road. In his life and in his death, he was a person who always walked a different road," Taeyeon said, honoring his memory.

On that day's broadcast, the music played were mainly calm songs to mourn the passing of ex-president Roh, and letters from the radio listeners were read on air, making Taeyeon unable to hide her tears in between each one. Near the end of the program Taeyeon said, "Today I want to sing," and she performed live Kim Yeonwoo's 'The Common Words of I Love You'.

Source: OSEN

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(HQ)090530 Latest SNSD Goobne Diary CF 15s + Download link

Yoona unni,please don't cry...

Credit: sosiz + soshified

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090530 Music Core SNSD Yuri & Tiffany Mc cut + Download link

Credit : Snsdchina + Soshified

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