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[12.04.09] We Got Married EP 52

Monday, April 13, 2009

Great show to watch...

Credit : clubbox + soshivn


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I finally had time to watch this, and it is a great show to watch - the concept is odd but the result is very entertaining indeed... Are you going to post any more of this?

since you requested,i think i will continue to post but the most important thing is remember to comment after taking out,thanks!

What's the song that Yuri sang in this episode?
I been searching high and low but still couldn't find the title.

hi anonymous,i only know the song that tae yeon sang,it is 'if'....but the song that yuri sang...i am sorry that i cant help you!

haha so funny la...
next ep plz!!

i have posted the next episode...swu,i hope that u will continue to give some comments!

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