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[05.20.09] 'SNSD in my computer?' Explosion of Soshi Widget - Screensavers' Popularity

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SNSD's fresh and lively appearance can be seen in your free time in what's called a 'SNSD Widget' and a 'SNSD screensaver' which are accumulating a lot of popularity.

Through rumors, the 'SNSD widget' and 'SNSD screensaver' is spreading quickly. It was released through Samsung's official 'Hahaha campaign 2009' website as a free service. This past month, on the 24th, the service was released and in one week, there have been 90,000 downloads. Up until the present 20th, there has been at least 300,000 downloads, showcasing the explosion of popularity among the netizens.

The 'SNSD widget' tells the time but also offers free encouragement mails and texts. There are different, charismatic SNSD expressions available, depending on the time. Not only that but the 9 members also do their own individual motions as an encouragement message along with the Hahaha dance as a special feature.

The 'SNSD screensaver' was released through the official site and videos of 'SNSD's Hahaha' and 'SNSD's dance studio' are receiving a lot of love from netizens.

Netizens say, "It's fun to see SNSD's cute appearance in my computer" , "It is the best PC accessory that offers a variety of functions and it infects me with a happy virus", and are showing positive reactions.

A representative of Samsung's 'Hahaha Campaign 2009' said, "The amount of downloads for the SNSD widget and screensaver has exceeded the free download service event's limit" and "We are grateful to the netizens' support and through this, I hope their lives are full of smiles and laughter."

Credits to: Kim Hyungwoo@Joins
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