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090815.SNSD.Video Download.KJE Chocolate Full

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jazz Gee, Rock Gee, SNSD Dance, SNSD Tears etc......All in one in this KJE's Chocolate video :)
Prepare your 'tissue' if you want to cry when watching this video...^^

Download Media Fire :
001 | 002 | 003 | 004

NOTE:After finished download all parts, you must join all of these file parts with HJSPLIT or other Spliter


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Hi Thanks for share

File 002 003 004 I cant's seen ..!!
please .... >_<"

YOU MUST JOIN all of these files with SPLITER, for example you can use hjsplit.

Thank you very much

I viewed Esiingmta the same. T_T

Then I will wait to file a new

snsdmasblog ...fightingggggggg

Thanks for sharing ^ ^

Hi, i kinda like this blog. Awesome. But...
Just looking around and its hard to get sm of their videos with ENG subs. Its kinda pulling me back and not downloading coz i dnt understand what they're saying. Its a sad for me as u know, im one of the thousands foreigns fan of SNSD. I know its quite demanding but i just voice out what i feel. U got great 'goodies' here but subs problem in their interview, talk, and shows makes me upset to get to know my idol. Anyway, its an honour to me that u are willing to share and uploading files for snsd's fan especially. TQ for ur effort..

I love SNSD!!!
I love Yuri!!!

hyess just wondering got eng subs for this?


Though, that's just the SNSD cut, not the whole thing. You can find it on

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