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090801.Celebrate Tiffany's 20th Birthday!!Fancafe Publishes a Newspaper Ad

Saturday, August 1, 2009

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Fans of the popular idol group So Nyuh Shi Dae had published a newspaper ad congratulating Tiffany's birthday and SNSD's second anniversary.

SNSD's Naver Fancafe, Cistus Family, put up an advertisement entitled, "We congratulate SNSD on their second anniversary and Tiffany on her birthday."

Together with pictures, the message was delivered by the fans saying, "On the 5th of August 2007, beautiful angels came together and So Nyuh Shi Dae was born. The angels were so beautiful that it was almost dazzling. A cupid called "S♡NE" was born for these angels. Even though we weren't by their sides, the cupid was always behind the angels. The cupid was happy."

Furthermore, they added, "On the 1st of August is charming eye-smile angel Tiffany's birthday and on the 5th of August will be the day that SNSD turns two. Everyone including the cupid congratulates the angels. The cupid said, "We exist because of the angels. We'll always be together and the angels are the reason why we are happy."
Source: Newsen
Written by Yoon Hyunjin
Translated by Xeth
August 1st is SNSD's Tiffany birthday and the girl famous for her eye-smile is turning 20 this year! Show your love to her with posting your comments here.
Comments can be wishes,congratz,poem etc :)



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Happy Birthday to our full of aegyo, cute, wonderful and amazing singer with eye-smile <3

Tiffany,The SNSD's Brighter Than Gems....:D

HBD Hwang Mi Yong !!
and yessss. The brighter than gems turns 20.
BTW, I love her smile (:

Happy Birthday Tiffany

Happy Birth Day Fany Fany ..Tiffany



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