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080409.SNSD’s ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ Ranked Best Encouragement Song For Examinees

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So Nyuh Shi Dae’s ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ was nominated as the best encouragement song among Korean students.

Approximately 100 days prior to writing the 2010 Scholastic Aptitude Test (KSAT), students awarded ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ as the best encouragement song.

Korean music website ‘Monkey3’ conducted a survey regarding students and asked, “What is the best encouragement song for Korean students?” Out of the 440 surveyed, 147 (33%) voted So Nyuh Shi Dae’s ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ as the top song.

Korean students stated, “Just like the message conveyed in ‘Tell Me Your Wish,’ I believe my wish in succeeding the KSAT will become true”, “Simply listening to the song provides me a sense of optimism in doing well on the exam”, and “SNSD’s cheerful performances gives me more strength while studying.”

Insooni’s ‘Goose’s Dream’ followed behind as the second best encouragement song for students. Students stated, “Lyrics such as ‘I have a dream’ and ‘let’s try our best in order to fulfill our dreams’ provide students with great strength when listening to the song”

SNSD was also awarded for the third best encouragement song with ‘Way To Go (Himnae!)’. Students stated, “Although prolonged study sessions are very strenuous at times, listening to SNSD’s ‘Way To Go’ cheers me up” and “Nothing provides me more strength than the encouragements given by nine beautiful So Nyuh Shi Dae girls.”

Further, Big Bang’s ‘Oh My Friend’, No Brain’s ‘It’s Young’, Buret’s “Dreams Come True”, Mighty Mouth’s ‘Energy (feat. Sunye)’, Byul’s ‘Fly Again’, S.E.S’s ‘Running’, and Suh Young Eun’s ‘Haha It’s Okay’ were also nominated as best encouragement songs.
Reporter: Lee Mi Hye
Translated by: Glucose


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