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Sorry dear visitors..

Monday, July 20, 2009

I am going to end this blog very soon and you can see that the updates of my blog is getting slower and slower nowadays as i need to face a very important exam very soon..
Is there someone else who can help to post some news and Pictures of SNSD here??
If you wanna help please leave a message on the comment box,thanks!!


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About your question who can help to post some news and Pictures of SNSD here, I can do it but not for every day,maybe 1x2days :) If you agree with me please reply in this page or send me email to:
SNSD Foghting!!

maybe i can help that,,but idk if im pro enough,,my online time is superior LOL few hours a day i guess -v-,,after school T^T
add msn and talk if interested :D

I I I!! =) i'm a new fan of snsd. but i hope u would teach me where to find the sources. if interested, email me:

bro, apakah Anda orang Indonesia?

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