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Download [MV] Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I have been waiting long for this MV to release,finally it is out...Leave me some comments if you like the MV,thanks!!!I will post the link of their performance as well!
Note:I will leave this MV as the first post of our site for the next few days!!

MF:001 002


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OMG!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you for this post!!! Can't wait to see their new MV!!!

you are welcome!!!

hey , i think ur link have some problems
coz when i click the link , it just keep on refreshing the page but did not lead me to the download to do ?

I have checked the link is ok..try again later and nice to meet you!!

im havin da sme prob s 100% to duuuuuu~~~

Erm..i think the link is on traffic jam as too may people are downloading..please wait a while for it to get well..thanks!!

Thx so MucH...


thx a lot
this means a lot... LOL

thanx for the link..
n could u help me..
how to combine both file become full MV..thanx for the answer guys..

Thank you very much


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