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[05.15.09] SNSD Taeyeon vs. Sooyoung, Sooyoung's 'Endless Tears' during the Acting Battle

Friday, May 15, 2009

SNSD's Taeyeon and Sooyoung competed fiercely with their acting.

Taeyeon and Sooyoung acted out a improvised skit which will be aired during the MBC 'SNSD's Horror Film Factory' on the 17th.

The mission given to the girls of SNSD on the previous episode that aired on the 5th was to act out a given role in a haunted school. This was to help the girls practice control of their emotions as well as a chance to find out which of the girls would be more successful in carrying out their given roles.

During this process, Sooyoung played the role of an insurance salesperson. She cried and begged Taeyeon to buy her products but Taeyeon fully carried out her given role by coldly turning her down.

Also Sunny acted her part of going to a clothes store and asking for refunds with a reason that made no sense. And the other members did not fall far behind with their roles of debt collector and other various acts such as love-making.

On the other hand, Sooyoung, Taeyeon and Sunny will be given the chance to film a test film to present to a famous movie director and actor if they are chosen as the final contestant.


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