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SNSD “We are the Nation’s Fairies? We’re worried we’ll lose our modesty”

Sunday, April 19, 2009

We heard the modesty of SNSD being labeled the Nation’s Fairies.

On KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Relay’ broadcasted on the 18소, SNSD stated their mind saying “(People) think of us as pretty and lovable Nation’s Fairies. We don’t think that at all so we have a burden and get worried” and “We appreciate it but on the other hand, we are worried we will lose our modesty.”

That day, SNSD received a compliment from Wang Biho, Yoon Hyunbin, who stated, “(You all) seem keenly pretty” and replied, “We all have our own personality and charms so when we are together, we seem to shine” and confessed, “We are afraid when we go out (on broadcasts) by ourselves without our members”.

And their remarks and and thanks on being 1st place for 9 consecutive weeks on KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’ were, “We made a comeback within 9 months and for 9 weeks, the 9 members received 9 trophies” and “Considered on a file organized by a fan, within 3 months we had a total of 1,500 just for broadcast appearances”.

In the mean time, SNSD wrapped up their activities for ‘Gee’, Tiffany is up for solo activities and Yuri and Tiffany are energizing as MCs of MBC ‘Show! Music Core’. Taeyeon is on MBC ‘Sunday Sunday Night’s ‘We Got Married’ with Jung Hyundon as the two are a virtual couple and Yoona is a cast of MBC’s Wednesday, Thursday drama ‘Cinderella Man’.

Translated By: xyiseul @
Article By: Reporter Lee Mihye & Newsen


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