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Friday, April 10, 2009

Picture above shows the 9 trophies won by them for 9 consecutive wins in music bank....There is an article below mentioning about what they are doing now and their future...The one with the best comment will have his or her comment posted on the main post next Friday to show appreciation to him or her....

It’s SNSD’s management.

Last week, SNSD finished the last official Gee Mini Album promotions~
Because of all of your love and support, it was a very happy time~ ^^

I think the reason why SNSD’s Gee had so much good response for about 3 months was because of fans like you and your love~ (If it weren’t for the fans, it would have been impossible ~ T_T)
We sincerely thank you again to all the fans who showed such generous support~~^^

So~! We are presenting a message and picture to remember all the times that were made while finishing up the Gee Mini Album activities~! Tada~
(Actually… the SNSD members took these pictures to remember their activities.
The members were embarrassed to share their pictures with everyone, but they are revealing it just so they can share their memories with all the fans^^ hehe)

veryone who were so dedicated on supporting SNSD for the past while~
Especially all the fans who waited out in the cold to attend a music program…
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts~ (^^)(__)

The members of SNSD are planning on showing you a better image individually in their own areas~
We will work hard preparing for the next album, so please look forward to it~

We trust that you will support SNSD in the future!!
I will come back another time with more good news~~^0^

Right now it’s Girls’ Generation! In the future it’s Girls’ Generation! Forever SNSD!

Source: Sosiz.Net


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that what we call the power of nine..

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